Yugo ak sling

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Yugo ak sling

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection, and the rollover on the toe allows for easier shoulder transitions and a better fit when using body armor.

High strength, wear-compensating lock mechanism with a solid steel hinge pin allows stock to fold to the right.

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Anti-snag adjustment lever, and the positive detents in the stowed position prevent movement while still allowing the stock to be instantly deployed. Weapon may be charged and fired while stock is folded without Cheek Risers installed. Front — Left-side rotation limited sling mount accepts push-button QD swivels for one-point sling usage swivel not included.

Export Administration Regulations Controlled Product. These controls take the form of export regulations and license requirements. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury or death. Magpul Industries shall not be responsible for injury, death, or property damage resulting from faulty installation, misuse, illegal use, or modification of this product.

Yugo AK Sling

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Copy this link and share it with your friends. In stock. Add to Cart. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Stock counts as one US compliance part for r. Made in USA. Length 8. Weight QD Sling Swivel Push-button quick-detach sling swivel. LOP Adjustment: 5-Position 0.The hinge block mounts directly to the unique rear interface of YUGO pattern rifles with the included hardware providing a very robust fit.

A no-compromise folding stock for the modern AK, the Zhukov-S Stock folds to the right, has adjustable comb height for optics use via optional cheek risers, is adjustable for length-of-pull without tools, and features an angled rubber butt pad for easy shoulder transition and slip-free performance.

An included one-point QD mount at the receiver, optional QD mounting points at the rear of the stock provides multiple sling attachment options. The purchasing some of the items in our store are regulated by Federal laws and local restrictions. Made in U. Stock counts as one US compliance part for r. Rules and Restrictions The purchasing some of the items in our store are regulated by Federal laws and local restrictions.

All FFL rules apply. Please check your local State and Federal law before purchase. All firearms purchases will be shipped to FFL dealers only and you will need to pass a background check before you can receive the firearm from your dealer of choice.

No Semi-Auto rifles.

yugo ak sling

No M Bolts. No Ammo without a FFL. Connecticut: No Semi-Auto rifles. As of September 1st we will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws. Buffer springs and ajustable gass blocks are sold for use in pistols and non-rifle firearms only. Florida: As of September 1st we will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws.

Hawaii: No Pistol Mags over 10rds. No Ammo. Maryland: No Handguns.

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No Hi-Cap Mags over 20rds. Massachusetts: No Handguns. New York State: No Handguns. No Mags over 10rds. No pistol mags over 15rds. Washington DC: No Firearms. No Hi-Cap Mags.AK Sling produced and used in the former Yugoslavian Republic.

yugo ak sling

May also work on other AK rifles. They are good just need to be cleaned up a bit before you put on your rifle. Used Dawn soap to clean cosmoline on the fabric and steel wool for any surface rust on metal. Plenty serviceable. Received two really nice slings, minor surface rust on bluing from storage but it wiped off nicely with a rag. It actually cleaned up quite well and the OD green webbing is very sharp.

Good product overall but it is definitely a well used item.

AK-47 & 74 Rifle Slings

Very nice sling, like new. Quick, pain-free transaction. Highly recommended. Great product in fantastic shape. Smells like war. Very nice, close to new. Great price as these in near new condition are getting harder to find. Arrived as expected in surplus condition. No rust on parts, It did a cleaning with some detergent as it smelled like a old tent. Otherwise in great shape. Yugo AK Sling. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Highly recommended Great product in fantastic shape. Haha Very nice, close to new. Quick view Out of stock. Quick view Add to Cart. On Sale!Development of the domestic Kalashnikov variant began inand the first models submitted by Zastava for military field trials were with the early M64 or M59 series of rifles with milled receivers, threaded barrels, familiar Zastava handguards, gas cutoffs for grenade launching, and several other diversities from the mainstay AK design, such as a bolt hold open device on the right side of the receiver, and a charging handle that appeared different from other AK models.

Though performances were satisfactory, the Yugoslav military did not adopt the rifle as the standard infantry armament. Before the larger models of these rifles were made, cost-cutting measures in production resulted in the removal of the internal bolt hold open, and relocation to the magazine follower.

This change eliminated any possible speed up in the reloading procedure due to the bolt closing upon removal of the magazine but allowed the operator to more easily identify if the current magazine is empty. Some rifles were also equipped with a notched selector control which allowed you to lock the bolt rearward by closing the dust cover on the charging handle. In addition, the usual placement of the barrel through threading into the receiver was replaced by the cheaper method of pressing and pinning the barrel into the receiver.

This time the milled receiver was replaced by a receiver stamped from a smooth 0. These models eventually failed to mass-produce as well, before final alterations to the M70 rifle design resulted in the AP M70 B2 fixed stock and M70AB2 folding stock models.

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These last two models featured a thicker 1. Parts kits imported into the U. On these kits, the bulged, thicker stamped receiver model is actually the M70B1 model.

All of the M70 models share the grenade launching ability with gas cutoff, the lengthened wooden handguard with 3 cooling slots, iron sights with flip-up illuminating elements, initially filled with phosphorus and later with tritium Which is used on the current production M70'sto improve aiming at night; the plunger that keeps the receiver cover in place during grenade launching, and a non- chrome lined barrel.

In the US market, the notched safety lever and bolt hold open magazines have been emulated by many companies as aftermarket accessories for other AKs. There also has been at least one attempt to recreate the original internal bolt stop.

The M70 and all of its variations were well accepted by the professional soldiers and conscripts of the Yugoslav People's Army. It was nicknamed "Ciganka" and "Srpinkja" meaning Gypsy and Serbian Girl respectively, due to dark finish on its metallic parts. The M70 is designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle; [8] however, it can easily be told apart from other AK rifles by the three cooling slots on the foregrip, the light-coloured elm wood furniture and, both, the black rubber buttplate and lack of receiver tangs on fixed-stock M70s.

The M70s also have a grenade-launching sight and gas cut-off on the gas block, and are capable of launching rifle-grenades.

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The receiver of the M70 is 1. The receiver has a bulge at the front to accommodate an enlarged trunnion similar to a RPK receiver, with the front trunnion rivet configuration likewise resembling a RPK and not an AKM.

Much like the other AKs, the M70 experienced changes to other parts between the milled and stamped variants, such as moving the gas relief ports from the tube to the gas block, adding lightening cuts on the bolt and bolt carrier, moving the rear sling swivel from the back of the receiver to the buttstock and omission of the metal ferrules from the lower handguards and pistol grips.

It however, like the Type 56retained many milled features, such as the thicker barrel, front sight shape, bolt and bolt carrier "in the white", smooth dust cover, lack of a pistol grip reinforcement plate on underfolders, forward sling loop on the gas block and blued finish. Intriguingly, the M70 always used the AKM style bayonets with lug under the gas block even on milled versions.

Likewise, the barrel is hammer forged and was never chrome -lined, making it a little more accurate than a standard AKM, but at the cost of increased susceptibility to corrosion and shorter barrel life. The fixed stock versions have a unique rear trunnion and stock attachment method, with the two rivets in a vertical strait line and a large bolt passing through the majority of the stock and connecting it to the rear trunnion.

Unlike other AK variants, a lock button must be depressed on the left side of the receiver as the first step for field stripping, to enable depressing the rear spring guide to remove the receiver dust cover. It is probable this feature is intended to prevent the loss of the top cover due to recoil when firing rifle grenades.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Assault rifle. This section does not cite any sources.With overin use with the US military, the Vickers Sling with its quick adjust technology has a track record of being combat proven. Like the Vickers Sling, the Standard AK Sling can be instantly lengthened and shortened with no sling tail to get caught or parts to break.

The sling can be sized to the individual, with or without body armor or other gear. The UWL can also be passed through underneath the gas tube for left hand installation. The UWL is threaded on the front and can be removed for a more custom application. The rear of the sling features two triglides to attach to buttstocks, folding stocks, wire stocks, or any other stock type. Unique to the Standard AK Sling is the limited run of plum hardware.

Sling Installation on Buttstock. Standard AK Sling. Sales BlueForceGear. Continue shopping Checkout. The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Get an email as soon as it is available. This item can still be purchased. Click the button below to back order this item. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

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Standard AK Sling 4. Reviews 4. Tags: AKVickers Sling. Satisfaction Guaranteed By purchasing direct from Blue Force Gear, you are assured the best customer service, fast delivery times, hassle free returns, and site security - straight from the manufacturer.

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yugo ak sling

AK74 5. AK 5. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly.

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Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle. Gas System. Receiver and Build Parts. AK47 Milled Specific. AKM Specific. AK74 Specific. Beryl Specific. Tantal Specific.Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should. While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options.

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