Airistech diamond not charging

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Airistech diamond not charging

About Register My Account Contact All orders ship from the USA. Airis Diamond Kit. Review s. Be first to ask a question. Availability: Out of stock. Free shipping. Ships within 24 hours. We are open and shipping on time. Kit Type. Pack Size Single Kit.

Airistech Diamond Vaporizer

Put me on the Waiting List. The manufacturer also added a soft finish over the all metal body with a more lightweight yet equally durable construction. Throwing it into a pants or jacket pocket is super easy for comfortable travel. Airistech's Diamond comes with a heating attachment that can be interchanged with most other similar threaded attachments on the market up to just over Simply thread the magnetic adapter on to the bottom of your attachment, drop it into the housing and the magnetic connection will do the rest.

When time to change attachments, just pull it out, drop in a new one and you are back up and running in just a matter of seconds. Upgrade to a display case of 12 kits see images for extra savings and free day Priority shipping. Great Product! Super convenient, discreet and efficient. Cant speak enough on the good qualities. Definitely recommend to all looking for a cartridge battery. Thank you again!!!!This brings additional benefits, especially for on-the-go vape consumers.

This opens up a lot of possibilities when charging your batteries. Get yours now! Usually, we put these compact vaporizers inside our pocket, our bags, and any other pouch or compartment we can to take advantage of their small size.

But are you really getting the most out of your portable device this way? In some cases, some vape users forget to turn off their vaporizers and leave them turned on then place them in their pockets or in their bags.

This can cause their vaporizers to get pressed against objects that will trigger the physical button and cause the device to fire accidentally. In some cases, this may lead to battery overheat, when the power button is pushed for prolonged periods of time, this may cause the battery to heat up faster than the normal rate. This will also cause you to burn out the coils and the wicks on your cartridge leading to wasted money. With a draw activated battery, you can always be sure that wherever and however you keep your batteries, it will never activate on its own accord.

No buttons mean nothing to get pressed against when kept inside your pockets and your bags. You can enjoy the peace of mind you truly deserve when vaping cartridges and select extracts. A peek-through window gives users the ability to visibly see the contents of the cartridge without having to remove and replace the cartridge from the battery. You can easily avoid burning coils, something most consumers can use especially the ones who use refillable cartridges and save money in the long run.

If you hate inhaling vapor with bad and burnt taste, you will find the peek-through window to be an important addition to its simple but essential features. All you need is a computer, a laptop, a video game console, a rechargeable portable power bank, or a wall adapter to charge your unit. You're not locked into a specific method of charging your unit.

airistech diamond not charging

You can always find ways to charge your device without the use of a wall outlet. Whatever your mood or your personality, you can always find the right color for you. Availability: In Stock Out of Stock. Ships same day!

NOTE: For international orders that don't go through, please send an email to: support vapeactive. Do not overtighten the connection as it can cause the threads to get loose or it may damage the magnetic link. Instead, it uses the vacuum created by your pulls to trigger the battery and vaporize your materials. This allows you to easily recharge your device faster and opens up more options in recharging your battery.

Instead of having to rely on power outlets, the inclusive USB charging cable allows you to recharge your batteries using your desktop computer, your laptop, your video game console, the USB outlet on your vehicle, and even a portable power bank that you can carry around with you. To begin vaping, simply follow the steps above. Connect the cartridge inclusive or any compatible aftermarket cartridge and draw from the mouthpiece.

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Get the best deal on Airistech Diamond Vaporizer for sale online, visit VapeActive Coupons Page and get the best vaporizers for the best price. Check out our online vape discounts and deals, and because we're the best in the industry, we'll even match the sale price of any authorized reseller you can find.

Close Menu. Airistech Diamond Vaporizer No reviews. Airistech Diamond Vaporizer. No reviews. Color Black Blue Red White. Shipping's Free. Returns are Easy.Orders are currently being processed and shipped normally. Product ID: Availability: Availability: Out of Stock. Ships Free. Put me on the Waiting List.

Add to Cart. Description Customer Reviews The Airistech Diamond Kit is a cutting-edge cartridge battery vaporizer that utilizes an advanced automatic firing method for ultimate convenience., site officiel de la ville dangers

Measuring in at around 2. Simply drop it into a pants or jacket pocket and enjoy your favorite oils in just a moment's notice without being weighed down everywhere you go. The innovative automatic firing function completely eliminates the need for any type of buttons. This will help to prevent the possibility of misfires to ultimately preserve your essential oils and battery life for as long as possible. Not only will this help you to get the absolute most out of your material, the automatic firing mechanism also adds to the Diamond's ease of use on the go.

In just a moments notice you can grab your Diamond Vaporizer, begin inhaling and the vape itself will do the rest of the work for you, heating your essential oil cartridge until your inhale has finished. Each of Airistech's Diamond Vaporizers come complete with a thread essential oil vape cartridge see options that can be swapped out with several other similar models currently on the market including most pre-filled measuring up to Just as Airistech's Mystica series, the Diamond Vaporizer utilizes the innovative thread magnetic connection system that makes replaces cartridges a quick and effortless process.

Just attach one of the included mini connector rings to the cartridge of your choice, drop the entire attachment into the Diamond's housing and you are ready to go in just a matter of seconds. Airistech's Diamond Vaporizer also comes equipped with an oil window on each side of the device that grants you a full view into your essential oil cartridge. This allows you to get an idea of when it may be time to refill next without requiring you to open or take anything apart.

This device also features an embedded mAh battery that will vape for days on end before eventually dying out. When that time comes simply connect to the included USB charging cable to get a quick recharge in just a couple of hours.

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If you are on the impatient side and prefer not to wait to vape, just connect to your charger and the pass-through function will allow you to vape as normal this will cause the Diamond to charge at a slower rate. Add eDab Cartridge Refill Kit: Include above at a discounted price and receive a medical grade filling tool with interchangeable tips to cover all of your filling needs without the mess.

Add Extra Magnetic Adapter: They are small and often easy to lose, grab an extra for cheap above and stay prepared for the worst.View all. Very nice vaporizer with a big chimney which makes it my favourite vaporizer already for being so easy to fill and you can pack it with your pinkie. The size of the vaporizer is relatively small and The finish on it is so nice to touch. It was fun to give it a try and test it. A little plastic smell when you first use it, so you might wanna run the device couple times before you actually pack it and use it to vape.

Vaporizes the grass very well, tested at, and degrees celsius, excellent taste, i recommend doing 3 cycles with empty vaporizer in order to remove any residual plastic flavor, which is normal in these devices.

Airis Diamond Kit

I'll buy again! Exactly as pictured and everything that was supposed to come in the bundle was there. Very nice little mod and the 2 in 1 feature is pretty cool and works well. It's a perfect little size that is almost unnoticeable in my pocket so it's nice when I don't want to, or am unable to, carry my big mod around.

Packaged very well and to the US in exactly 2 weeks, which I'm very happy with. Definitely recommend both the item and seller. Close menu. Home All Vaporizers. Oil Vaporizers. Wax Vaporizers. Dry Herb Vaporizers. For Nico. For Tripod. For HeadBanger. For Herbva X. For airis 8. For Nokiva. For Herbva Viva. For Herbva 5G. For Quaser. For Tick. For Q-TIP. Welcome to airis onlineshop!

All products are ready to ship! New Arrival. Learn More. View all 36 products.At Airistech we are always innovating. Our engineers work tirelessly to make sure that our customers have access to the lastest cutting-edge vape technology.

airistech diamond not charging

We know just how important discretion is for our customers. Airistech speciallzers in manufacturing ultra-portable vaporizers. Many of our most popular devices are easly concealed in the palm of your hand and weigh less than 2 Ounces.

Each and every Airistech product is hand crafted using premium quality materials. We throughly test to insure that all devices meet or exceed rigid quality standards. Our customers demand a premium experience and we deliver. Many of our products come with integrated technology features. I have spoken with or worked with over 30 different companies, of all these Airistech was one of only 2 I worked with.

Now I will always come to your company as one of first options. Because of 2 reasons: quality products and most importantly, attention to detail your company definitely distinguishes itself very well from the competition.

I am very interested in wholesaling for your here in CO. There is a huge market and everyone seems to be using your products or products like yours. I would love to be the one putting them in their stores. You know I would am very interested to work with your company. I found your products to be better than those of other companies and I found Airistech to be most honorable company in the market. So the answer isyes I would appreciate the opportunity.

Now l will always come to your company as one of first options. Advanced Technology At Airistech we are always innovating. Premium Quality Each and every Airistech product is hand crafted using premium quality materials.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Be the first to review this product. Bulk Buy. Airistech Diamond is a pocket size vaporizer for Oil.

With air active design, it will automatically turn on whan you inhale. It is simple to use with the magnetic connection design. And you can easily check the oil capacity with the oil window, which helps to prevent dry heating and burn taste.

With air active design, it will automatically turn on when you inhale. Simple to use with the magnetic connection design. Easily check the oil capacity with the oil window. This is particularly useful while you are on long drives and road trips.

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IJOY Innokin. Joyetech Justfog. REV Rincoe Reewape. Uwell hot. Yocan Youde Yosta Yachtvape. Shopping Cart 0. Vandy Vape Aspire Uwell Smok. Login to get better price. You will earn 30 Points for writing a review this product. Airistech Diamond Kit Details. Packing List.

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airistech diamond not charging

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